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Did we work on things we were passionate about? Sometimes. Did we work with people who inspired us? Sometimes. Were we surrounded by people that inspired us and made us laugh? Occasionally. Did we pursue our passions? Rarely.

We started Commune because those answers weren’t good enough for us. And they shouldn’t be for you either. We want to be the best part of your day. We want you to be excited about talking to us. Because we’re going to do great work for you but we’re also going to be having a ton of fun too. So if your gut says we seem like a group you’d like to be around, than you’re exactly the person we’re looking to help.


Designers, builders, thinkers, writers and storytellers with decades of international advertising experience. Most importantly, a group of people who uncompromisingly pursue their passions. And amongst the surfboards, hiking boots and fishing poles, those passions include advertising and design.We operate with 3 guiding principles.


  • We generate big ideas because it’s fun. But anyone can do that.Generating big ideas that work is hard.
  • We back up everything with facts and research.
  • We back it up so that if you pass on an idea, it’s for subjective reasons and not because it won’t work. We can live with that.

  • We don’t want “clients.” We want partners.
  • We want people that share our passions and creative spirit.These like-minded pursuits are crucial to our success; when we collaborate with partners we love, we do our best work.
  • We like to make a buck, but we believe in much grander pursuits.

  • We work on things we love and care about because it makes us better at our job. And working on cool stuff is just way more fun.
  • We want to help. We want to care. We want to be part of something. We want to go on an adventure.
  • We’re here to take risks and make an impact.



Ryan’s a Long Beach, CA native who’s spent the last several years in the big box NYC advertising game. After guiding brands like Dos Equis, TOYOTA, Odwalla and Adidas through challenges of all sizes and description, he’s come home to do what he loves in his backyard.

Ryan La Rosa

Co Founder & Director of Strategy

James is our Co-Founder and Director of all things Creative & Digital. James has more than 18 years strategic communications experience in Global Markets: New Zealand, Australia, New York, the UAE, Barcelona, Berlin, and now home, here in Southern California. He doesn't stop making things. Anything.... Stories, Furniture, Boats, Music, Food, Products and Identities for happy clients.

James Whale

Co Founder & Creative Director

Kristin was born and raised in Southern California but has always had an insatiable desire to live in and understand other places - New York, Italy, Florida. Her genuine curiosity is at the core of what she loves to do - to understand people, culture and what drives our behavior. She also loves animals, an excellent playlist while constantly chasing a good plate of nachos.

Kristin Kiefer

Vice President of Strategy

With a decade in the ad agency world and on the client side, Lizzy brings her strengths as a media planner and buyer to all of Commune's advertising and marketing efforts. Lizzy starts every initiative with a neutral mindset to be sure she's not constrained by tradition in persuit for the most strategic and creative ad placements. Lizzy has implemented this approach with varying client budget levels, whilst working on national, regional and local brands.

Lizzy Moore

Media Planner & Buyer

Simply put, Dave is the Don of Public Relations. His experience runs deep in Media Training/Speech Coaching, Crisis Communications, Reputation Management and beyond. Over his many years talking loudly while securing the right PR placements, he's partnered with clients including Korean Air, AT&T, Cushman & Wakefield, Allstate Insurance of California, the San Diego Center for the Blind, Hayward Unified School District and many more.

Dave Cieslak

Public Relations Director

Shawn supports Commune in both digital and traditional mediums, with diverse deliverables - websites and digital, screen advertising campaigns, traditional marketing, TV, content marketing, video, and motion graphics. For 16 years Shawn has supported hundreds of clients from many different types of businesses and industries. They range from mom-and-pop’s, to startups in San Francisco, and Southern California, to global corporations.

Shawn Hardy

Director of Interactive

Originally from Northern California, Danielle is a Long Beach resident with over five years of experience designing for a diverse range of projects. Her experience ranges from digital and UI/UX design, to photography and print production. Danielle is a firm believer in the power of strong concepts with unexpected execution, and with this front of mind, she constantly challenges us, and our clients to explore further with every project.

Danielle Salvatore

Senior Designer

Michael is a writer, an improv/actor guy and word savant. He's inspired by the world's endless supplies of mind-numbing minutia and opportunities for comedic gold. He hopes to someday combine the two in an ad where an intimidating dad meets his daughter's dorky prom date for the first time and they discuss the greatest doubles hitters of the 90s and topographical features of Idaho. He stress ate while figuring out how to write this bio.

Michael Ziman


Nicole is an eternal SoCal resident and a graduate of LBSU with a BFA in Graphic Design. She has multiple years of experience working in brand identity, advertising, and social media. Nicole has a passion for learning and takes every challenge as an opportunity to grow. She’s a firm believer in hard work, collaboration, and (most importantly) having fun.

Nicole Heinrich

Junior Designer



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