| Long Beach City Clerk
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Long Beach City Clerk

About This Project

The City Clerk is a vital institution for any City. Unfortunately, most residents have no idea what the City Clerk actually does. The Long Beach City Clerk came to Commune to solve this problem. The result was a strategy that got to the heart of the City Clerk’s function as a citywide resource for all sorts of necessary questions and functions. From there, Commune used that insight to develop a new identity system including logo, type system and supporting elements and a series of booklets that detail answers to the most common resident questions. To date, the new branding has appeared everywhere from banners to ballots in mailboxes and well beyond.


Voter turnout is a constant struggle in Long Beach. With the statewide election looming, and an appetite to increase voter turnout creatively, the Long Beach City Clerk approached Commune to help spread the word throughout the City. The result is a campaign that showcases Long Beach’s history turning out for all sorts of events and encouraging the community to apply the same passion to the Democratic process. The campaign was seeded through local influencers and institutions to ensure we turned the message from a functional one to something that starts and ends with community pride